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Thanks for visiting. Based in London UK, Sam West Music offers quality music products and services to clients worldwide. The aim is to guarantee client satisfaction, whether it be a recording you wish to listen to, live music accompaniment / services, or music coaching and tuition.

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About Sam West

Sam's musical beginnings were inspired by the surprise gift of a violin, from his father on his 12th birthday. At around the same time, he began to play the piano by ear, as his local small church had no musician. Violin lessons at school progressed well, and so did the piano playing for church. This was a broad base upon which Sam developed various disciplines - playing by reading music, and also playing by using listening skills. These contrasting approaches were invaluable in his overall musical development.


From an early juncture, composing was something which was embraced, in addition to playing music. Sam commenced by writing pieces for his young contemporaries (i.e. in Youth Orchestra). This was yet another exciting branch of his musical growth.


During the early 1980's, a period of full time study at The Royal College of Music in London, proved invaluable. His first study there was Violin Teaching. In addition, other musical skills, i.e. piano, choral singing, music theory, and music arranging, were honed.

Sam loves teaching music, and over the years has taught hundreds of individuals in schools, institutions, and various organisations. Previously, for years, he focused on Vocal Coaching, for contemporary singers. His Vocal Exercise recording: 'Voice Building Vocal Exercises for Singers' is still one of the most popular vocal training aids hailing from the UK, and is widely available online. He has chosen to restrict Vocal Training activities now to a minimum, so other musical areas can be explored and developed. 

Sam currently is in demand as an accompanist for a variety of church services, as well as choir directing. He also collaborates with others on recording projects, as well as live performances - playing violin and also piano. 

As a Music Director, Sam produces musical events, shows and functions. Sam has performed all over the world, and takes pride in bringing quality to any event he participates in.

This is what Sam says about his music work:

"From a very early age I was always impressed when hearing good music. I therefore undertake every musical activity to a high level, and do so with love. Every church or venue I step into to play, I deem it an honour. I sit around the piano or organ with joy and excitement. When I play my violin to an audience, I think 'wow this is wonderful'!

Every time a student comes to me for lessons, I am fascinated by the learning process; they learn, and I also learn! I teach them music, and this often results in personal growth in other areas of their lives. For me this is a wonderful responsibility, and one which I don't take lightly"!

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