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 I Began a formal music education with violin lessons from the age of 12. I had lessons at school, then progressed to play in the local youth orchestras, while loving my musical learning and activities. Ultimately I studied full time at The Royal College of Music, in London, in the early 1980's. There I specialised in violin teaching, whilst learning and developing a host of other musical skills through the excellent training at this internationally renown conservatoire. 


At the age of 12 I also began another musical education: playing the piano in church. This was a different discipline to the structured learning of the violin, and a valuable learning process. Church playing enabled me to develop listening skills, and to play with or without sheet music. At the same time I was able to work with various choirs, training them and directing performances. This lead me to become involved in vocal training, and I have been fortunate to have trained many solo singers and groups.


Teaching has also taken me into the state and private schools systems, for some years. I found this to be a valuable learning curve, and provided realisation of how 

Teaching music is something that is wonderful to do, and it's great to see how people develop their skills.

Playing music requires a never ending amount of practise and effort, the same applies to singing. As well as teaching I also continue to play music, and engage in various musical activities. Music is certainly fun, and it's a wonderful way of us sharing with each other through teaching, learning, and participating

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